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Assisted Living vs Board and Care Homes

Assisted Living vs Board and Care Homes
If you are experiencing difficulty when completing everyday activities like dressing, showering, moving around your house, and completing the simple tasks around your home? If so, you might need to choose between an assisted living facility and a board and care home. These two types of facilities for seniors provide the daily support seniors need and help them remain independent. Making the decision to move from your home might be hard, but if you are honest about your needs and you are willing to spend some of your time to select the right facility, you will make the right decision and spend your senior years happily.

What is an assisted living facility?
Assisted living facilities are residential options for elderly adults, particularly those who need help with daily living or activities – such as getting to the bathroom, cooking meals, keeping the house, and traveling for doctors’ appointments. Assisted living facilities are perfect for people who need more personalized care services, which they are unlikely to get in their homes or in independent living facilities.

What is a board and care home?
Board and care homes are licensed and operate 24 hours a day. Board and care homes provide room, board and 24-hour staffing assistance and care for the seniors with things like dressing, bathing and medication management. The other popular names for these facilities are residential care homes, group homes or adult foster communities. They are all over the United States, but in California, they are known as Board and Care facilities.

Here are the key differences between the two types of facilities for seniors:
– The living environment
In an Assisted Living Community, the facility generally accommodates more than 100 residents. Some of the facilities have fitness centers and beauty salons. The size of bedrooms range between 200 square feet and 500 square feet and will include a private bathroom. Assisted Living services provide transportation to and from all doctors’ appointments. The residents live in comfortable environments maintaining as much independence as they are capable. Some residents live in apartments with the ability to prepare their own meals. Other residents requiring more assistance take their meals in a cafeteria. Many residents combine both options by preparing their easier meals of the day and taking dinner in the cafeteria. Assisted living generally offers a wide variety of activities, outings, and fitness options.

Board and Care Homes are provide a more intimate setting. Typically housing only six residents in a residential setting and neighborhood. This is often a more cost-effective option. The staff live in the home with the residents and provide all activities of daily living to include meal preparation, assistance with feeding if needed. Activities, outings and support for healthcare transportation can all be arranged with the staff.

– Differences in care
Both the assisted living facilities and the board and care homes help the residents with their daily needs, but you should expect several differences. Generally, Assisted Living facilities charge more than Board and Care homes for seniors because they have greater overhead and provide more complex services.

The other important difference relates to the needs of the resident and it is the ratio of residents to caregivers. In an Assisted Living facility, the ratio is around 14:1, while in the Board and Care Home it is 3:1. Both the assisted living facilities and board and care homes provide robust activity schedules to accommodate more residents, but the Board and Care Homes provide small-scale activities, which they tailor to match the capabilities and needs of each resident.

The dietary needs and meals of the residents are a key consideration when selecting a facility for your loved one. Assisted Living facilities cook for hundreds of people and which likely to affect the food quality and the choice of menus. Within the Board and Care environment, the residents enjoy home cooked meals customized to their likes.

Assisted Living facilities are private facilities that house around 100 residents or more. Rooms are shared or private. Residents receive meals and personal care throughout the day. Some facilities offer medical and nursing care on site and others accomplish medical care off site. Board and Care Homes enable residents to maintain as much independence as possible in an apartment like setting. Assisted living is meant to provide “assistance” to residents while keeping seniors active and self-reliant.

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